Singer-Cellist, Composer, Theatre Maker


About Bonnie Schwarz

Bonnie is a multi-disciplinary artist from Dorset with a holistic musical and theatrical background.

 Her work explores the importance of sound and music in art and theatre, creating material that is collaborative, interdisciplinary and often multimedia.


Bonnie graduated from the University of Manchester with First Class Honours in Music and Drama, receiving the Hargreaves Fund Prize for Composition. In her final year, she specialised in Composition, Sound Design, and Theatre in Prisons. 

While Based in Manchester, Bonnie works as a freelance music artist: Composer, Singer-Cellist and Sound Designer. Her work includes productions and screenings at Battersea Arts Centre (London), Contact Theatre, Royal Exchange Theatre, HOME Cinema (Manchester); collaborations with Manchester poets including Keisha Thompson and Roma Havers; and as a frequent recording artist with HQ studios.

Bonnie is also singer-cellist and songwriter of alt-folk duo 'Good Habits'. This is their full time endeavour since getting 'happily stranded' in New Zealand whilst on tour there due to Covid-19. Bonnie is working and touring in New Zealand and due to return to the UK in October 2021.  



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