Bonnie Schwarz 


Multi-disciplinary Artist

Alt-Folk Booking Agent 

Cello Tutor

"Bonnie Schwarz is simply wonderful – fresh and irresistible with a voice that touches the inner soul."
New Zealand Theatre Review 



Bonnie is a manchester-based, multidisciplinary artist with a holistic musical and theatrical background.

She graduated from the University of Manchester with First Class Honours in Music and Drama where she specialised in Composition, Sound Design, and Theatre in Prisons and was awarded the Hargreaves Fund Prize for Composition.

 When based in Manchester, her music work has included productions and screenings at Battersea Arts Centre (London), Contact Theatre, Royal Exchange Theatre, HOME Cinema (Manchester); collaborations with Manchester poets including Keisha Thompson and Roma Havers.

Good Habits:

As singer-cellist, Bonnie is half of the alt-folk duo 'Good Habits' after 2 years spend 'happily stranded' in New Zealand (due to Covid), they returned as Purbcek Rising Winners and are quickly establishing themselves on the UK folk scene.

Booking Agent:

Having booked extensively for Good Habits, and worked for NZ artists including Jenny Mitchell. Bonnie has launched her own alt-folk booking agency 'BB Music', where she pledges a commitment to supporting diversity and accessibility in the UK folk scene.

Cello Tutor:

Bonnie is available to teach private students, with a flexible and holistic approach to Cello teaching. She teaches regularly at Magdalen Farm Strings and taught at Te Raukura Ki Kapiti performing arts centre in New Zealand.