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Good Habits

Good Habits are an eclectic indie-folk band creating immersive, multimedia gigs and projects. Fronted by female string instrumentalists, they aim to produce innovative originals and covers, demonstrating the upbeat and diverse capabilities of their instruments.
As musicians studying in Manchester, they began in March 2017 after an open mic at the eccentric (and sadly missed) Wonder Inn. Since then, Good Habits have performed across the country, collaborated with a range of artists and most recently released their debut EP on iTunes and Spotify ‘Patient World’. Their EP launch gig at GoodStock was transformed and decorated by album artist Freya Slack creating ‘an Impressive, Interactive show’. (L, Stockdale. Mancunion) The band have performed in various venues across Manchester and London


Bonnie Schwarz

Bonnie is the songwriter for Good Habits and creative director of their projects.

Pete Shaw

Pete primarily plays Cajon with the band, but often accordion is added into the mix. 

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Lydia Taylor

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Lydia manages our social media, and is very creatively involved in all of our projects.

Benjamin Marrington-Reeve

Most recent member, Benji, is primarily a Saxophonist and Composer but plays bass with the band.

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"an Impressive Interactive show..."

— Name, Title

— Lucy Stockdale, Mancunion

Gifs by Freya Slack @freyasclackart

The 'Patient World' EP featured work by interactive artist Freya Slack, including album artwork, stop-motion embroidery videos, and decorating our EP launch Space.

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