Freelance Artist:

 When based in Manchester, her work Composer included productions and screenings at Battersea Arts Centre (London), Contact Theatre, Royal Exchange Theatre, HOME Cinema (Manchester); collaborations with Manchester poets including Keisha Thompson and Roma Havers; and as a frequent recording artist with HQ studios

'Woke Songs Solo Show - (Actor-Muso)

Salisbury Playhouse, Jan 2022 

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'I Dont Know How To Dance' Gig-Theatre - (Director, Performer) March 2021 
''Scenes that could drag a joyful response out of Eeyore himself."... "a sumptuous theatre experience. It’s unique, beautiful and inclusive"..."This is one of my favourite shows in fringe so far."- Art Murmers (Austin Harrison)

Moonwhile - EP by Shebekeke (Guest Cellist)

Live Performances:

Friday 9th June - Poetry and Music Festival - Kings Place, London

Saturday 15th June - Band On the Wall, Manchester 

A spin-off from the award-winning Man on the Moon theatre show. SheBeKeke presents Moonwhile. A collage of sounds, samples and spoken word. This poetic EP brings a new focus to her relationship with her reclusive father. - Featuring Cellist Bonnie Schwarz

Live Performances:

Moonwhile - Keisha Thompson (Guest Cellist)

Losing Value Single - FINOLA (Guest Cellist)

Composed, Performed and Recorded by Bonnie Schwarz and Pete Shaw. 

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One Year On - (Composer) ft. Oud by Soufian Asi.
Arranged, Composed, Performed, Recorded by Bonnie Schwarz. Cajon by Pete Shaw. 2020.

Ramping Up - (Assistant Artist + Sound Design)

Composition, Sound Design and Live Audio Description by Bonnie Schwarz. 


Assistant artist and Sound Designer
'Ramping Up'


EP - Morgan Harper-Jones (Guest Cellist)

Sound Portfolio: